Thursday, December 23, 2004

Virginia Crilley Christmas

Crilley's Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas all and all through the house folks were making ready their gifts and quiet as a mouse
All except crilley were hanging stockings with care
All that data out there unstolen was just more than she could bear
She knew she could gather more before the morning grew near
When out of the night she heard such a clatter She jumped from her chair to see what's the matter
When much to her wondering eyes should appear down her chimney there was a big red rear Santa wiped the soot from his uneven brow and shook his finger at her and said NOW you know that's not allowed you've stolen more data than my elves can count and told so many lies that for sure there is not a doubt your archives are full and you are surely talked about you've gotten your wish, the country sites are on their way out a central repository of archives USGWP will tout and oh how Linda will say I hadn't a doubt the board are my sheeples and how Shari and Tina can pout oh that they are governed by such a devious lout Santa leaves not a toy under the tree, only a book that reads how do you plead?

Of course we all know crilley never will never take heed, a kind work or message is nothing she would need, just the work of others ary a tax or a deed is all that is needed, not a nut or a seed morning will come and she will be sitting bow kneed

Those archives of Linda's have finally been freed
Soon others will come to the sites and then they will flee when there's nothing there but links for them to see
- oh what happiness and oh what a Glee Laughing at the Dills and cc's they'll be what happened to the others oh mercy mercy creed after all just what is the project without me?

(C) Laughing Santa Monkey