Friday, June 25, 2004

David Samuelson Bloodsucker

The fly on the wall notices that DS seems to inflict his negative comments towards the county coordiantors of the USGENWEB when his company owes it's success to those very county coorinators.

DS seems to use the this project with teasers like indexes and then charges hugh sums for the records. A recent phone call to the LDS library inquiring about DS, the fly was informed DS is a professional researcher, main source for business USGENWEB.

Just how much money is DS making off the back of the Archives project and the USGENWEB project and why does the AB and NC of USGENWEB roll over and play dead or run with their tails tucked between their legs when complaints over the archives are received.

SAMPUBCO; A Utah Deaf-Owned Business
by W. David Samuelsen

SAMPUBCO was formed in March 1988 when Ronald V. Jackson, President of Accelerated Indexing Systems, saw I had the potential to run my own business. He helped me get advertising space in the world-renown magazine, Genealogical Helper, along with advertisements for his company. Up until then and beyond to 1995, I helped Mr. Jackson compiled more than 400 census indexes, gaining considerable expertise in reading and understand old handwriting.

The first business item for sale was the census index searches. It wasn’t long before other people tried to horn in on my business by doing the same census searches. But that didn’t stop me from diversifying the business to publications of my compiled books.

In 1995 I went out on my own completely, beginning with sales of the indexes of Kansas counties of will testators. In 1996 I began doing will testators index searches for people by going online. The will testators indexes were and still are unique to SAMPUBCO. No competitors have sprung up yet.

SAMPUBCO went fully online for self-searches in 1998. Since then SAMPUBCO has grown considerably, but not to the point where I can become fully independent. More publicity for the company was made possible through the cooperation of many county coordinators of the USGenWeb Project, particularly in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio and Kansas where there are online databases available for them as well as over 200 personal websites elsewhere. One feature, transcribing and posting service, was offered but had to be withdrawn after 4 months because it was too popular and caused the company to fall way back on orders, resulting in a huge backlog.

I have had orders from deaf customers who don’t realize that I am deaf. Only one customer figured out who I was from emails. The Internet is a great equalizer.

SAMPUBCO ( is an Internet based company now. Orders are made by searching the databases of the online indexes and mailing them to the company. Overhead costs are extremely low because there is no inventory.

Currently I am working toward the ultimate goal - completion of the entire New York state will testators. It is a bonanza for genealogists for one reason alone - New York is the blackhole of genealogy because there are no early vital records until after 1900 - not even marriage records.

The scope of SAMPUBCO is not limited to will testators even though the market for photocopies of will records had been cornered by the company. Plans have been made to add different records in the near future. The company is also working toward online orders and payments.

SAMPUBCO is a shortened name for Samuelsen Publishing Company.

The suspended members still have not seen any charges or know what they are accused of. This appears to be a move to prevent any of the three from running for any offices within the USGWP project.

Elections being held in Georgia without a hearing for the three suspended tells the story loud and clear. Why are 3 members of the AB allowed to vote on matters in Georgia when they signed the complaints. DUHHHH complain and be judge and jury. AB MEMBERS WHO BELONG TO THE GAGENWEB SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE ON THE MATTER, THEY ARE ALSO THE COMPLAINERS. Why are elections being held in Georgia before the suspended members have even informed of the complaints against them.

The fly wants to know if this is another behind the scenes meetings like Jan Cortez and Darilee Badnar held at ALHN that prompted their speedie exit from that organization.

Will Dirty Jan and the dirty 7 explain why they left ALHN?

How much money has and does DS make off the USGENWEB project. Why are professional researchers allowed to place teasers, to use the USGENWEB project for financial success?

Will the USGENWEB emplode from all the dirty politics?