Saturday, June 19, 2004

Angie Rayfield received outhouse award

While Angie Rayfield maneuvers with other AB members to oust the Georgia SC she neglects the state of North Carolina and her duties to have county sites comply with the bylaws.

Some counties have not been updated since Feb. 2003, many others sell subscriptions to genealogy societies on the front page. The worst of the worst are the counties that have a online book store on the front pages of the counties with their affiliate number raking in the money from the county sites which is a big NO NO.

The fly on the wall thinks Angie Rayfield needs to clean up her own house or face the exact same charges and complaints. A word of caution to the AB members, when you apply rules to one state you will have to apply them to all the states. Looks like Angie Rayfield will have a lot of splainin to do. The surfers are surfing the states, county sites and compliling non compliant state and counties preparing for the MOTHER OF ALL COMPLAINTS. Blast from the past all the old genconnect puzzle pieces that went away 3 years ago still linked from the front page. No wonder NC wants to keep do nothing Angie Rayfield, when was the last time the counties were checked and just what parts of the bylaws do you think matter ANGIE? MNIGS, what bout the SC being responsible for all the crappy sites in NC? Some counties from the table are broke. What do they say about glass houses.