Sunday, June 06, 2004

NOLA Duffy

Will the real NOLA please stand up.

From the fly on the wall.

Seems many think NOLA is really an operative of the National Coordinator for the USGENWEB project.

Her like it or lump it attitude toward members of the usgenweb project reminds one of the Castro Regime.
If you don't like the beatings then you can leave but don't talk about the underhanded, dirty politics treatment of the membership.
NOLA wants to push under the rug the ill treatment of the general membership. Rumor has it the archives sponsored by USGENWEB will start their own county sites to be used for the archives.

The Fly wonders why NOLA wants to silence members that have been suspended, discharged, delinked without a hearing.

The house that Jeff Murphy built USGENWEB has the same members using the same dirty politics against members now that was used to oust the very founder of USGENWEB.

The Fly received this in his fly trap today.

I can understand personality clashes. I can understand differing opinions between groups that make it difficult for groups to work together. What I do not understand that seems to be a common thread among those who decide to leave the USGenWeb Project is their need to spend an inordinate amount of their time doing nothing but trashing the USGenWeb Project instead of simply moving on with their lives and doing their own thing.

I also do not understand why anyone would even allow their name to be associated with an organization that they seem to despise to the core, with or without valid reasons. Why persist in remaining part of a group while at the same time applauding everyone who leaves to join another organization.
Why not simply move on to a place that conforms to your own idea of the correct way to do things instead of feeling that you must stick around until the entire house crumbles around your head after pounding it with a sledge hammer for years.

I respect those in other groups that have simply found they are not comfortable working within certain constraints and thus decided to move on.
I have threatened to do the same thing on occasion.

At some point in the future, there may be some reason that is sufficient in my own mind to persuade me to go private. However, if I am so unhappy and disgruntled with USGenWeb that I do not want to continue, I will not waste my precious time simply trashing GenWeb but use the time for more productive endeavors.

I can't help but wonder at times if those who are most unhappy with GenWeb are not saying that they really are not happy with anything they can not control, dominate and imprint with their own image. With that in mind, it seems to be nothing more than a personal power struggle for many. How often have we seen those who spend the most time talking about all the ills of the project immediately struggle to get to the front of the line when there is an appointment to be made or an election for a position, any position.

Perhaps the reason I can not see their point of view is simply because I do not want a position beyond that of a CC in my own corner of the globe.