Saturday, June 05, 2004

Jan Cortez strikes again

Seems it is OK for Jan Cortez to remove CC's and then vote to have the SC of Georgia suspended for the same thing.

From a fly on the wall.

Jan Cortez was asked to from ALHN for contucting/being part of board meetings that were conducted unethically. The little fly also said Darilee left at the same instance under the same cirucmstances.

It is reported that Jan Cortez State Coordinator from Michigan USGENWEB is well known for such activites and continues the same tradition of under handed dirty politics at the USGENWEB project.

One would think Jan Cortez from Michigan had previous experience at dirty politics.

Ms. Cortez sent her edict and told me that I had until the 12th of February, she actually started that process on the 1st of February when she deleted me from the county coordinator list. I would bet that she was afraid that her little plan would become known to the other coordinators in the state of Michigan.

Within a few hours that was proven to be true as when anyone posted to the list to ask just why she was going after the first MIGenWeb county assigned, they too were deleted from the list. Ms. Cortez did send what she called an explanation to the list in which she "claimed" that she had NOT delinked me from the state but in fact this was a lie, as she had deleted me from the county list and that is an integral part of being a county coordinator.

I strongly suggest that you join either of the other two organizations I am proud to be a part of, American History & Genealogy Project (AHGP) or American Local History Network (ALHN) There I can say you will be safe to continue your love for genealogy, history and helping others, and having a true "FAMILY"! Sadly I doubt many parts of the former group I was affiliated with keep that attitude except for one state that I am sure of. What a sad day this is.

For more on the USGENWEB board actions against their members visit

Thanks to The Fly in the field.