Tuesday, June 01, 2004


The Gen Suck award for the Month goes to the USGENWEB National Coordinator and the Advisory Board. www.usgenweb.com

The Devils surely did go down to Georgia, all civil liberties were suspended, Sturgis was used to drive a stake in the very heart of the Georgia GENWeb Project.

Without the benefit of a fair hearing the board voted to suspend the State Coordinator, and both ASC's until a hearing could be held. The removal process of the SC has been in progress for over 2 years. The wave of complaints failed when a forced vote in Georgia did not have meet a quorum the second attempt was voted down by the AB members. It is believed that the complainers were planted in Georgia to create so trouble so the NC would have the excuse to remove the current SC.

The National Coordinator has refused to hear complaints from members of the project who complained their data had been stolen from their county sites. The National Coordinator and his hench persons violated all the Bylaws for the project in this illegal move. Surely the project will see the light, this is an attempt to drive all county coordinators from the project and have counties with nothing more than links to the archives thergo no need for any county coordinators.

Congradulations to the USGENWEB you not only get the DEVILS went down to Georgia award you also are the proud winner of the Outhouse award.

Last but not least is Joe Zsedeny - Temporary State Coordinator NDGenWeb Project who sold the previous State Coordinator down the river.

Seems Rootsweb has gone into the Real Estate business http://www.rootsweb.com/~jzed/getaway/trout.html

Joe also receives the outhouse award.


Immediately after the domain transfer was completed for the USGWP domains the continued effor to have the SC of Georgia removed commenced as was expected.

It is believed that these actions are taken to prevent the SC from Georgia from running for the office of NC which he narrowly lost in the last election.