Tuesday, September 21, 2004


After 63 days of not knowing what they were suspended for the suspended members received their complaints.

Conveniently after the elections ended preventing the previous NC from running for office. The prior election was a very close election and members of the AB are accused of meeting behind closed doors to find a way to prevent the suspended previous NC from running for office. The suspension and removal of the SC and ASC in GAGENWEB violates the bylaws of the USGENWEB project.

Complaints about copyright violations have plagued the USGENWEB project for several years. The AB and NC, Richard Harrison are accusesd of allowing the wholesale copyright violations and continue to applaud the copyright violators for the amount of material they steal and place at the archives.

The USGENWEB project is now the worse possible organization for volunteers to belong to.
AB member Linda Barton filed charges against the Georgia SC and is being allowed to sit in judgment for the charges she made against the Georgia state coordinator.

Volunteers donate their material to find it taken by archives members the AB refuses to act on the complaints from the members and find themselves under attack for daring to complain in the first place.

The bylaws for the organization are ignored or used against the membership.
AB members are accused of joining GAGENWEB to further the plan to remove the GAGENWEB state coordinator.

The AB is accused of being part of the problems in Georgia in order to force the removal of the SC. 9 months before the suspension and removal the AB forced a vote which failed to remove the SC. The illegal removal and unethical conduct of the AB warrants the removal of members who supported this illegal action and violated the bylaws of the organization.

Members are leaving in droves and do not want their names associated with what they deem a corrupt AB.

The members of the AB Darilee Badnar and Jan Cortez resigned from another volunteer genealogy organization for illegal board meetings and actions. Now it seems they continue the illegal actions of removing members of USGENWEB with no bylaws to support these suspensions.

AS one member said to the fly on the wall.

Take you data and run, do not walk, run as fast as you can , search engines will find your data. If you truly want to donate data then find a non political organization such as AHGP to link join or donate your material.

Researchers will find you through search engines and if you truly want to know where your visitors are coming from add a site tracker such as xtreme tracker. This will show where site traffic comes suchh as google, yahoo, mamma and dogpile. Very rarely does the traffic come from USGENWEB state or national sites.

Grassroots movements to have the seated AB and NC removed for illegal, secret hearings, committee meetings removed are under way. Others feel the organization is so corrupted it will never recover and see no future in belonging where they are not trusted or wanted.

USGENWEB mail lists are controlled by allies of the NC/AB members who voice their opposition to the current illegal suspensions are promptly deemed trouble makers and posting rights are suspended.

Mail l ists are being developed to enable the membership to discuss the problems and the recall of the seated AB/NC.


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