Saturday, June 12, 2004

Shari (3:16 ) Handley words of wisdom, or how to dis another member

The fly wonders what the youth group 3:16 would think of Shari Handley's comments toward others.

Shari Handley in all her glory.

In our experience, Shari has rarely minced her words in public forums, so
its not surprising she behaves the same in "private". Herewith, a small
sampling of "the wit and wisdom of Shari Handley", all the result of 5 to
10 minutes searching on USGENWEB-ALL and submitted by a reader:

"Who is it that has been filling our mailboxes with this endless drivel?
You have become a sad parody of yourself. My God, don't you have anything
else to do? I've deleted, like, 20 message from you, all coming in rapid
succession, all saying. Step away from the computer for 5 minutes or so,
before you end up the Repetitive Stress Injury Poster Girl ." [16 Sept

"This (non)-issue won't tear the USGenWeb Project, just as all the
previous brouhahas haven't torn it apart. Not that there won't be those
who will continue to try! When this manufactured "problem" is resolved,
or dies mercifully on its own, it'll only be a matter of time before one
of the "malcontents" starts braying about something else ("Hey! So-and-so
did/said/didn't do/didn't say such-and-such! waaah! WAAAH!")" [16 Sept

"You really seem to have inflated your importance in all of this, as
though you are some Essential Force To Be Reckoned With. What makes you
think that you represent the rest of us and that we need you to "come to
an agreement" for us with Megan or the Board? Let us speak for ourselves
-with our vote. If we don't like the bylaws, we'll vote no. If we do,
we'll vote yes. Megan and the Board, I'm sure, don't have the time or the
inclination to get into endless back-and-forth messaging with every
self-righteous, self-appointed Savior of The Project. All you've been
doing is cluttering up our mailboxes with your pompous, ceaseless puffery.
If you are trying to "win people over" to your point of view, I would
submit that never-ending, petulant whining is not the way to get it done.
" [29 May 1998]

Hoo! Wait a minute - wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes . . .
Sniff! Ok. Apparantly, what is Good For the Goose is *not* Good For the
Gander, then, right? No matter what kind of spin you try to put on it,
there is still "something rotten in the state of Denmark". In the
medical field, we'd say you have a "high serum porcelain" (that's a crock,
in layman's terms)." [1 July 1998]

"This guy sounds like he thinks the world is hanging breathlessly waiting
for his Next Official Utterance!" [31 May 1998]

[Interestingly enough, the records also indicate that as recently as
November 1998, Shari was vocally in favor of the Board conducting all its
business publicly and going into "executive session" only rarely and for
specific purposes. Guess those specific purposes include talking nasty
about fellow volunteers.]


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