Sunday, June 20, 2004

John Clarke GAGenWeb says material CC's transcribe and place on sites now belong to the project!

John Clarke newbie at GAGenWeb plans on getting regulations changed to make sure any material placed on a county site belongs to the project and is no longer the property of the submitter/transcriber and that means YOU CC'S THAT STILL TRANSCRIBE MATERIAL GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS WHEN YOU PLACE THE MATERIAL ON YOUR COUNTY.

By the way just where are all these rules and regulations posted? Who notified all these transcribers and donors of their rights, how many notifications of permenant usage and opt out messages have been sent and where are the permenant permissions stored?

NONE!! Folks donating are not told their data is permenant.

From: "John R. Clarke"
Subject: Re: [GAGEN] Original vs links
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 09:03:33 -0400
References: <<>>

Someone just did the same thing to Morgan County website before I could
get a copy of it downloaded to my server. I do not know whether this was
accidentally or on purpose but let's just say, its content is gone.

I was able to recover some of it from Rootsweb's archives with Vivian's
help but not all of it. I have asked my old friend, Rev. Don McHUGH, if he
would send me copies of what he had before he gave it up and others took it
over. Hopefully, Don has kept most of this information.

I know there are some folks who hate the "archives" but that is where
family information should go, regardless of who they actually submitted it
to. IMHO, the intent of the family or person submitting this information is
to get their information "out there," so other members of their and other
families can view it. They are not specifically interested in the specific
location it is stored, just that it is out there and available to others to
view "for free."

Most of these submitters also understand the archives of the specific
county they submitted it to are the perfect location where their family
information should be stored, too. They are not politicians, either. They
are just persons researching their family, as all of us are.

All things change and with the inclusion of the GA GENWEB Archives into
the GA GENWEB Project the mission of the County Coordinator has changed but
there have been some that have fought this change "hook, line and sinker."
We cannot return to the past and we have to move forward and work with the
hand we have been dealt, which means CC's and County Archive Managers have
to work together in order for the GA GENWEB Project to succeed.

My position on my county websites will be that any material in the
archives will be linked on the county page and any material that should be
in the archives and is submitted to me will be forwarded on to the Archive
Manager of that county for inclusion in that county's archives.

As I stated to the list in my introduction, I am a journalist and I
fight for the rights of the individual writer and their ownership of their
intellectual property and work product. I also stated I am not a politician
and what you see (or read, in this case) is what you get.

I also fight for the underdog, especially when they are right, and I
have stuck my face against the windmill all too many times against both
officials at City Hall and the prevailing opinions of others. In this case,
for the GA GENWEB Project to move forward and fulfill its mission, these two
entities have to work together and not fight each other, as has been the
case in all too many GA counties.

John R. Clarke
Thomasville, GA


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