Saturday, June 26, 2004

Dirty Jan, illegal board meeting

Dirty Jan Cortez and her helpers asked to resign or face removal for illegal board meeting at ALHN.

The Fly loves yahoo. A search turned up the log of the illegal meeting of which
Mecosta = Jan Cortez, darilee = Darillee Bednar knowingly conducted at ALHN and were asked to resign or be removed.

The fly is informed of the same kinds of misconduct being conducted behind the exec-l closed list. Ways to remove members, ways to prevent members from running for office. Loyalty to the archives discussions. Thanks to Big mouth DB.

The Fly is informed it is dirty politics as usual from Dirty Jan Cortez and Darillee Bednar. Dirty Jan Cortez is a public official in Michigan.

The Fly wonders how much of the taxpayers money is wasted by Dirty Jan if she is using taxpayers time and resources during work hours for her hobbies like USGENWEB.


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