Thursday, December 23, 2004

Virginia Crilley Christmas

Crilley's Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas all and all through the house folks were making ready their gifts and quiet as a mouse
All except crilley were hanging stockings with care
All that data out there unstolen was just more than she could bear
She knew she could gather more before the morning grew near
When out of the night she heard such a clatter She jumped from her chair to see what's the matter
When much to her wondering eyes should appear down her chimney there was a big red rear Santa wiped the soot from his uneven brow and shook his finger at her and said NOW you know that's not allowed you've stolen more data than my elves can count and told so many lies that for sure there is not a doubt your archives are full and you are surely talked about you've gotten your wish, the country sites are on their way out a central repository of archives USGWP will tout and oh how Linda will say I hadn't a doubt the board are my sheeples and how Shari and Tina can pout oh that they are governed by such a devious lout Santa leaves not a toy under the tree, only a book that reads how do you plead?

Of course we all know crilley never will never take heed, a kind work or message is nothing she would need, just the work of others ary a tax or a deed is all that is needed, not a nut or a seed morning will come and she will be sitting bow kneed

Those archives of Linda's have finally been freed
Soon others will come to the sites and then they will flee when there's nothing there but links for them to see
- oh what happiness and oh what a Glee Laughing at the Dills and cc's they'll be what happened to the others oh mercy mercy creed after all just what is the project without me?

(C) Laughing Santa Monkey

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


After 63 days of not knowing what they were suspended for the suspended members received their complaints.

Conveniently after the elections ended preventing the previous NC from running for office. The prior election was a very close election and members of the AB are accused of meeting behind closed doors to find a way to prevent the suspended previous NC from running for office. The suspension and removal of the SC and ASC in GAGENWEB violates the bylaws of the USGENWEB project.

Complaints about copyright violations have plagued the USGENWEB project for several years. The AB and NC, Richard Harrison are accusesd of allowing the wholesale copyright violations and continue to applaud the copyright violators for the amount of material they steal and place at the archives.

The USGENWEB project is now the worse possible organization for volunteers to belong to.
AB member Linda Barton filed charges against the Georgia SC and is being allowed to sit in judgment for the charges she made against the Georgia state coordinator.

Volunteers donate their material to find it taken by archives members the AB refuses to act on the complaints from the members and find themselves under attack for daring to complain in the first place.

The bylaws for the organization are ignored or used against the membership.
AB members are accused of joining GAGENWEB to further the plan to remove the GAGENWEB state coordinator.

The AB is accused of being part of the problems in Georgia in order to force the removal of the SC. 9 months before the suspension and removal the AB forced a vote which failed to remove the SC. The illegal removal and unethical conduct of the AB warrants the removal of members who supported this illegal action and violated the bylaws of the organization.

Members are leaving in droves and do not want their names associated with what they deem a corrupt AB.

The members of the AB Darilee Badnar and Jan Cortez resigned from another volunteer genealogy organization for illegal board meetings and actions. Now it seems they continue the illegal actions of removing members of USGENWEB with no bylaws to support these suspensions.

AS one member said to the fly on the wall.

Take you data and run, do not walk, run as fast as you can , search engines will find your data. If you truly want to donate data then find a non political organization such as AHGP to link join or donate your material.

Researchers will find you through search engines and if you truly want to know where your visitors are coming from add a site tracker such as xtreme tracker. This will show where site traffic comes suchh as google, yahoo, mamma and dogpile. Very rarely does the traffic come from USGENWEB state or national sites.

Grassroots movements to have the seated AB and NC removed for illegal, secret hearings, committee meetings removed are under way. Others feel the organization is so corrupted it will never recover and see no future in belonging where they are not trusted or wanted.

USGENWEB mail lists are controlled by allies of the NC/AB members who voice their opposition to the current illegal suspensions are promptly deemed trouble makers and posting rights are suspended.

Mail l ists are being developed to enable the membership to discuss the problems and the recall of the seated AB/NC.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Dirty Jan, illegal board meeting

Dirty Jan Cortez and her helpers asked to resign or face removal for illegal board meeting at ALHN.

The Fly loves yahoo. A search turned up the log of the illegal meeting of which
Mecosta = Jan Cortez, darilee = Darillee Bednar knowingly conducted at ALHN and were asked to resign or be removed.

The fly is informed of the same kinds of misconduct being conducted behind the exec-l closed list. Ways to remove members, ways to prevent members from running for office. Loyalty to the archives discussions. Thanks to Big mouth DB.

The Fly is informed it is dirty politics as usual from Dirty Jan Cortez and Darillee Bednar. Dirty Jan Cortez is a public official in Michigan.

The Fly wonders how much of the taxpayers money is wasted by Dirty Jan if she is using taxpayers time and resources during work hours for her hobbies like USGENWEB.

Friday, June 25, 2004

David Samuelson Bloodsucker

The fly on the wall notices that DS seems to inflict his negative comments towards the county coordiantors of the USGENWEB when his company owes it's success to those very county coorinators.

DS seems to use the this project with teasers like indexes and then charges hugh sums for the records. A recent phone call to the LDS library inquiring about DS, the fly was informed DS is a professional researcher, main source for business USGENWEB.

Just how much money is DS making off the back of the Archives project and the USGENWEB project and why does the AB and NC of USGENWEB roll over and play dead or run with their tails tucked between their legs when complaints over the archives are received.

SAMPUBCO; A Utah Deaf-Owned Business
by W. David Samuelsen

SAMPUBCO was formed in March 1988 when Ronald V. Jackson, President of Accelerated Indexing Systems, saw I had the potential to run my own business. He helped me get advertising space in the world-renown magazine, Genealogical Helper, along with advertisements for his company. Up until then and beyond to 1995, I helped Mr. Jackson compiled more than 400 census indexes, gaining considerable expertise in reading and understand old handwriting.

The first business item for sale was the census index searches. It wasn’t long before other people tried to horn in on my business by doing the same census searches. But that didn’t stop me from diversifying the business to publications of my compiled books.

In 1995 I went out on my own completely, beginning with sales of the indexes of Kansas counties of will testators. In 1996 I began doing will testators index searches for people by going online. The will testators indexes were and still are unique to SAMPUBCO. No competitors have sprung up yet.

SAMPUBCO went fully online for self-searches in 1998. Since then SAMPUBCO has grown considerably, but not to the point where I can become fully independent. More publicity for the company was made possible through the cooperation of many county coordinators of the USGenWeb Project, particularly in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio and Kansas where there are online databases available for them as well as over 200 personal websites elsewhere. One feature, transcribing and posting service, was offered but had to be withdrawn after 4 months because it was too popular and caused the company to fall way back on orders, resulting in a huge backlog.

I have had orders from deaf customers who don’t realize that I am deaf. Only one customer figured out who I was from emails. The Internet is a great equalizer.

SAMPUBCO ( is an Internet based company now. Orders are made by searching the databases of the online indexes and mailing them to the company. Overhead costs are extremely low because there is no inventory.

Currently I am working toward the ultimate goal - completion of the entire New York state will testators. It is a bonanza for genealogists for one reason alone - New York is the blackhole of genealogy because there are no early vital records until after 1900 - not even marriage records.

The scope of SAMPUBCO is not limited to will testators even though the market for photocopies of will records had been cornered by the company. Plans have been made to add different records in the near future. The company is also working toward online orders and payments.

SAMPUBCO is a shortened name for Samuelsen Publishing Company.

The suspended members still have not seen any charges or know what they are accused of. This appears to be a move to prevent any of the three from running for any offices within the USGWP project.

Elections being held in Georgia without a hearing for the three suspended tells the story loud and clear. Why are 3 members of the AB allowed to vote on matters in Georgia when they signed the complaints. DUHHHH complain and be judge and jury. AB MEMBERS WHO BELONG TO THE GAGENWEB SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE ON THE MATTER, THEY ARE ALSO THE COMPLAINERS. Why are elections being held in Georgia before the suspended members have even informed of the complaints against them.

The fly wants to know if this is another behind the scenes meetings like Jan Cortez and Darilee Badnar held at ALHN that prompted their speedie exit from that organization.

Will Dirty Jan and the dirty 7 explain why they left ALHN?

How much money has and does DS make off the USGENWEB project. Why are professional researchers allowed to place teasers, to use the USGENWEB project for financial success?

Will the USGENWEB emplode from all the dirty politics?

Sunday, June 20, 2004

John Clarke GAGenWeb says material CC's transcribe and place on sites now belong to the project!

John Clarke newbie at GAGenWeb plans on getting regulations changed to make sure any material placed on a county site belongs to the project and is no longer the property of the submitter/transcriber and that means YOU CC'S THAT STILL TRANSCRIBE MATERIAL GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS WHEN YOU PLACE THE MATERIAL ON YOUR COUNTY.

By the way just where are all these rules and regulations posted? Who notified all these transcribers and donors of their rights, how many notifications of permenant usage and opt out messages have been sent and where are the permenant permissions stored?

NONE!! Folks donating are not told their data is permenant.

From: "John R. Clarke"
Subject: Re: [GAGEN] Original vs links
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 09:03:33 -0400
References: <<>>

Someone just did the same thing to Morgan County website before I could
get a copy of it downloaded to my server. I do not know whether this was
accidentally or on purpose but let's just say, its content is gone.

I was able to recover some of it from Rootsweb's archives with Vivian's
help but not all of it. I have asked my old friend, Rev. Don McHUGH, if he
would send me copies of what he had before he gave it up and others took it
over. Hopefully, Don has kept most of this information.

I know there are some folks who hate the "archives" but that is where
family information should go, regardless of who they actually submitted it
to. IMHO, the intent of the family or person submitting this information is
to get their information "out there," so other members of their and other
families can view it. They are not specifically interested in the specific
location it is stored, just that it is out there and available to others to
view "for free."

Most of these submitters also understand the archives of the specific
county they submitted it to are the perfect location where their family
information should be stored, too. They are not politicians, either. They
are just persons researching their family, as all of us are.

All things change and with the inclusion of the GA GENWEB Archives into
the GA GENWEB Project the mission of the County Coordinator has changed but
there have been some that have fought this change "hook, line and sinker."
We cannot return to the past and we have to move forward and work with the
hand we have been dealt, which means CC's and County Archive Managers have
to work together in order for the GA GENWEB Project to succeed.

My position on my county websites will be that any material in the
archives will be linked on the county page and any material that should be
in the archives and is submitted to me will be forwarded on to the Archive
Manager of that county for inclusion in that county's archives.

As I stated to the list in my introduction, I am a journalist and I
fight for the rights of the individual writer and their ownership of their
intellectual property and work product. I also stated I am not a politician
and what you see (or read, in this case) is what you get.

I also fight for the underdog, especially when they are right, and I
have stuck my face against the windmill all too many times against both
officials at City Hall and the prevailing opinions of others. In this case,
for the GA GENWEB Project to move forward and fulfill its mission, these two
entities have to work together and not fight each other, as has been the
case in all too many GA counties.

John R. Clarke
Thomasville, GA

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Angie Rayfield received outhouse award

While Angie Rayfield maneuvers with other AB members to oust the Georgia SC she neglects the state of North Carolina and her duties to have county sites comply with the bylaws.

Some counties have not been updated since Feb. 2003, many others sell subscriptions to genealogy societies on the front page. The worst of the worst are the counties that have a online book store on the front pages of the counties with their affiliate number raking in the money from the county sites which is a big NO NO.

The fly on the wall thinks Angie Rayfield needs to clean up her own house or face the exact same charges and complaints. A word of caution to the AB members, when you apply rules to one state you will have to apply them to all the states. Looks like Angie Rayfield will have a lot of splainin to do. The surfers are surfing the states, county sites and compliling non compliant state and counties preparing for the MOTHER OF ALL COMPLAINTS. Blast from the past all the old genconnect puzzle pieces that went away 3 years ago still linked from the front page. No wonder NC wants to keep do nothing Angie Rayfield, when was the last time the counties were checked and just what parts of the bylaws do you think matter ANGIE? MNIGS, what bout the SC being responsible for all the crappy sites in NC? Some counties from the table are broke. What do they say about glass houses.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Shari (3:16 ) Handley words of wisdom, or how to dis another member

The fly wonders what the youth group 3:16 would think of Shari Handley's comments toward others.

Shari Handley in all her glory.

In our experience, Shari has rarely minced her words in public forums, so
its not surprising she behaves the same in "private". Herewith, a small
sampling of "the wit and wisdom of Shari Handley", all the result of 5 to
10 minutes searching on USGENWEB-ALL and submitted by a reader:

"Who is it that has been filling our mailboxes with this endless drivel?
You have become a sad parody of yourself. My God, don't you have anything
else to do? I've deleted, like, 20 message from you, all coming in rapid
succession, all saying. Step away from the computer for 5 minutes or so,
before you end up the Repetitive Stress Injury Poster Girl ." [16 Sept

"This (non)-issue won't tear the USGenWeb Project, just as all the
previous brouhahas haven't torn it apart. Not that there won't be those
who will continue to try! When this manufactured "problem" is resolved,
or dies mercifully on its own, it'll only be a matter of time before one
of the "malcontents" starts braying about something else ("Hey! So-and-so
did/said/didn't do/didn't say such-and-such! waaah! WAAAH!")" [16 Sept

"You really seem to have inflated your importance in all of this, as
though you are some Essential Force To Be Reckoned With. What makes you
think that you represent the rest of us and that we need you to "come to
an agreement" for us with Megan or the Board? Let us speak for ourselves
-with our vote. If we don't like the bylaws, we'll vote no. If we do,
we'll vote yes. Megan and the Board, I'm sure, don't have the time or the
inclination to get into endless back-and-forth messaging with every
self-righteous, self-appointed Savior of The Project. All you've been
doing is cluttering up our mailboxes with your pompous, ceaseless puffery.
If you are trying to "win people over" to your point of view, I would
submit that never-ending, petulant whining is not the way to get it done.
" [29 May 1998]

Hoo! Wait a minute - wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes . . .
Sniff! Ok. Apparantly, what is Good For the Goose is *not* Good For the
Gander, then, right? No matter what kind of spin you try to put on it,
there is still "something rotten in the state of Denmark". In the
medical field, we'd say you have a "high serum porcelain" (that's a crock,
in layman's terms)." [1 July 1998]

"This guy sounds like he thinks the world is hanging breathlessly waiting
for his Next Official Utterance!" [31 May 1998]

[Interestingly enough, the records also indicate that as recently as
November 1998, Shari was vocally in favor of the Board conducting all its
business publicly and going into "executive session" only rarely and for
specific purposes. Guess those specific purposes include talking nasty
about fellow volunteers.]

Seems wendell (beg me to stay) Taylor had his hand in the bid to remove Laura Cook as SC in Georgia.

The fly on the wall heard Wendell (beg me to stay in gagenweb) Taylorw as also part of the recent faction to have yet another SC removed from gagenweb.

The fly wonders if Wendell (beg me to stay) Taylor knows about KARMA!

The recent SC was removed for performing his job exactly as stated in the message below from then National Coordinator piglet.

From: "Laura Bosshart"
Subject: State Coordinator Problems
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 13:10:42 PST

Hi all...
I regret I am having mail problems with my regular account. I can not
reply through it but seem to be able to download the mail through my
hotmail account. Just wanted to explain the different address first.

Now..just to show I'm not above reproach, I am posting this, to my state
list, as requested by Megan.

I am curious why things of this nature are not posted to this list..
There was another complaint to the USGENWEB-ALL list along a similar
line, but stating that neither the county page was updated, nor did they
receive any assistance regarding the adoption.

While it is true there was an internal mixup here with Charles' new
email address, all of these problems could have been solved if they had
been posted to this list, so that all 3 of us could have seen it.

I have had problems with my mail and people have changed isps. I know I
am guilty of having sent some things to the wrong address when people
have changed isp's. But this list is the one common place where we are
all subscribed, and whether I continue on as SC or not,(I say that
because there has been a lot of confusion over adoptions for a few
months and as a result, I am one of the "problem coordinators" listed
below..) it should be used to voice problems like this so that solutions
can be found.

Laura Cook
Date forwarded: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 13:51:58 -0800 (PST)
Date sent: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 15:52:49 -0600
From: "Ms. Piglet"
Organization: USGenWeb

Wyndell Taylor wrote:> >
> Megan, I know it is a bad time to bring up the possibilty ofanother
> problem. Have you heard from the Georgia State Coordinator,Laura Cook,
> lately? No, I haven't....
There are two state coordinators that we're having real problemswith
(my definition of "real problem" being that my mailbox isfilling with
complaints both from ccs and the public that they areunaccessible or
unresponsive). We've another that answers mail well, but has
with what I think is the common perception of a statecoordinator's job:
doesn't think it's their job to deal with county pages thatdon't meet
standards, or aren't updated, or are just plain abandoned.
Since the method that was used to deal with a similar situationwas less
than optimum, perhaps we need to develop another method ofdealing with
this situation.When there's this much problem, it might be a good thing
coordinators were willing to publicly state that they are having
problems, so they can be worked out or a clear solution found
(especially when it's this widespread). It really *is*difficult for me
the board to handle the situation on the basis of mail thatcomes to me
with "you can't tell even the board it's me that said this".
People, if you aren't willing to stand up and say "HEY I GOT APROBLEM"
public, it isn't fair to ask other folks to remove somebody fromtheir
because you're unhappy.
That said....let the discussion of who's got problems with whobegin.
Perhaps a public discussion that that many people have gotspecific
problems with the way an SC does or doesn't do their job willlead to
correcting the problem; if not, then other steps may have to betaken. I
doubt we've got ANY SC that at least one cc doesn't have aproblem with
least in states with more than 50 counties), and that's okay. What we
want to look at is those places where it's a majority
Megan Zurawicz, National Coordinator USGenWeb